Precision X-Ray Inc., a leader in biological specimen cabinet irradiators and radiation research systems, has named Maastro Clinic, one of Europe's leading cancer centers based in Maastricht, the Netherlands, as its European Center of Excellence for biological research in micro image guided radio therapy (micro- IGRT). PXi plans to appoint additional centers across the globe in the coming months as demand continues to increase for the X-Rad 225Cx micro- IGRT system.
PXi Centers of Excellence are universities and institutes that:  
  • Show advanced expertise in micro IGRT and the basic sciences involved;
  • Have a highly multi-disciplinary team on site with knowledge in physics, biology, engineering and medicine
  • Train and demonstrate the proper use of these systems with cells and animals;
  • Continually work to improve and develop new capabilities for the advancement of the micro IGRT systems and software; and,
  • Significantly contribute toward the advancement of the field in general.
“Maastro Clinic continually demonstrates an exceptional level of knowledge and skill in the core areas of medical physics, dosimetry and small animal radiotherapy, said William McLaughlin, president, PXi. “This expertise has led to the development of software and new biological studies employing the Precision X-Ray X-RAD 225Cx IGRT system,” he said.
Most recently, the Maastro team has added significant value to the 225Cx system through the development of the Small Animal Radio Therapy Plan Treatment planning software (SmART-Plan) for small animal IGRT research. 
“The application of radiotherapy (irradiation) in the fight against cancer has been very successful, but additional research is needed,” said Dr. Frank Verhaegen, Professor and Head of Clinical Physics Research, MAASTRO Clinic.
Verhaegen added that the center represents a unique opportunity for collaboration. “It’s quite rare for people from so many different fields to work together with one common goal. The center brings physicists, clinicians, engineers, mathematicians and biologists together to develop new capabilities and to show others how to use the micro-IGRT system. The feedback from multiple laboratories across Europe is critical to the future of better science and breakthroughs.”
McLaughlin added that PXi is committed to maintaining its commitment in supporting the MAASTRO Clinic in its development efforts to further improve the treatment planning software as well as to advance the capabilities and use of the PXi X-RAD 225Cx Small Animal Image Guided Irradiator system in new applications of radiobiology and radiation oncology research.