Contributor Guidelines

As a multi-media resource, ALN reports on products and information to design, build, equip, and operate research animal facilities globally. From new product announcements to timely articles, ALN features the latest technology, products, and equipment used in laboratory animal science.

ALN is a brand comprised of ALN Magazine and it's affiliated website,, as well as print and online buyer’s guides, digital editions, electronic newsletters, webcasts, and the annual Turnkey Awards. This media variety is designed to provide up-to-date content in a variety of formats to fit everyone’s information needs.

We accept articles on topics pertaining to all aspects of the design, build, and equipping of animal research facilities as well as the procedures and technologies used in the vivarium. Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Discussions on technologies, products, industry trends, and solutions.
  • Detailed examinations of trends and technologies in the design and build of research animal facilities.
  • Practical applications of tools and techniques that enable effective, efficient operations in the vivarium, including training, management, enrichment, and biomethodologies.
  • Facility profiles: an in‐depth tour of a specific vivarium or research animal facility.
  • Research/technology reviews: an objective overview of emerging technologies to improve the design, operation, or maintenance of vivariums.
  • Case studies: review of proven design and operational practices that have been tested in the vivarium.
  • Legal/regulatory features: government, association, or industry policies that affect facilities, research practices, or workers.

The Audience
The readers of ALN and are facility directors, engineers, architects, veterinarians, scientists, and other professionals working in animal research facilities in government, university, private, pharmaceutical, industry, hospital and medical labs.

Article Queries
The article review process should begin with a query or abstract. Please state your topic and objective, and indicate your perspective as well as your professional relationship to the topic.

Articles must be objective and cannot promote a company or its products/services. Contributions from technical specialists in the vendor community are welcome, but must adhere to editorial guidelines for non-commercial writing. Content must be unbiased—inclusion of brand/product names and/or endorsement of a brand/product cannot be considered.  

Although exclusive submissions are strongly preferred, simultaneous submissions in noncompetitive markets will be considered on the understanding that authors inform the editors upon submission.

Article abstracts and inquiries should be submitted to ALN's Editor-in-Chief, Liz Doughman, at 973-920-7662 or

Feature Articles
Features should provide a broad, industry‐wide look at techniques and technologies.

  • Articles should be written in third person, present tense.
  • Length: 1,500 to 1,800 words
  • 2-3 images/graphics to illustrate the text is recommended. 
  • Text file types: Microsoft Word or rich‐text format
  • All submissions should include the author’s name, title, company, a 35‐word biography, address, phone, email, and website address.
  • Authors are responsible for: all internal clearances for articles prior to submission for publication; all statements made in their work; obtaining written reprint permission for illustrations and data previously published.

Images and Graphics

  • Do not embed images in text documents, PowerPoint files, or emails.
  • Images should be at least four inches wide and 300 dpi.
  • Crediting information and captions must be provided.
  • Images used cannot be of a readily identifiable product in the market.
  • A max of four images, figures, and tables can be used in an article.